A T-shaped customer experience strategist & project lead.
Helps clients through complex change, managing in-studio & remote teams. 

In 10+ years

⏤ Developed brands (strategy, identity, organisational culture)
⏤ Customer experiences (omni-channel journeys, environments, staff behaviour)
⏤ Insight-based ideas, experimental retail formats & voice products

Worked in: Banking, Corporate, Fashion, FMCG, Luxury, Real Estate, Retail, Startups, Telco
Clients include: eBay, Diageo, Nationwide, Nokia, Pandora, Primark, Veon, Vodafone


  1. Led customer experience transformation across environments & staff behaviour for one of world’s largest jewellery companies. Sales in new stores increased 10%.
  2. Remotely managed cross-functional teams across London, Amsterdam & Sydney.
  3. Delivered £1m+ customer experience transformation of a financial institution (£500m execution) to highly complimentary client feedback.
  4. Increased agency efficiency & profitability, consulted on organisational culture.

⏤ Read: Ars Technica, Business of Fashion, Bloomberg, Modern Retail, Vanity Fair
⏤ Watch: Final Space, John Oliver, Long Shot, Met Opera, The West Wing
⏤ Listen: Decoder, Land of the Giants, Leadership Next, Pivot, Sway
⏤ Like: 30K walks, writing stories, painting with my daughter, vodka martinis (in any order)

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“Not only is Emil’s functional knowledge of the retail landscape and experience second to none, importantly he is one of the rare individuals who is able to apply both rational and the emotional intelligence to any situation in equal measure. <…> His energy and work ethic are covetable and he provides a mature and inspirational lead for teams.”

Kate Fulford-Brown, Managing Director, FutureBrand