Between health­ conscious millennials and individualistic Gen Z who prioritise being true to themselves over traditional group bonding rituals, global alcohol consumption is steadily declining. Alcohol’s place at the party is no longer guaranteed, and brands are having to redefine the unique qualities they bring to the table.

”Marketing Alcohol to Moderate Millennials”, Stylus, 1 Nov 2016


It’s all about wellbeing

  • Making hard liquor attractive to the millennial consumer could be rooted in the promotion of a spirit of calm comfort, relaxation, emotional and intellectual self-discovery.
  • In that experience, alcohol would play a supportive role of a facilitator. It’s not about drinking vodka, but the state of mind that drinking the “right” product calls into being; in the right environment.

More on concept


The environment

  • Spacious, well lit, supported by relaxing quiet music. Ideally full of fresh air – with open windows.
  • No bar in the traditional sense, but cabinets featuring product alongside walls and a table/sink in the centre that hosts would use to prepare drinks.
  • Key to the space would be a library of about a thousand books.
  • Access to the lounge would be granted to members only. The membership would be free, but require registration of contact details and a bankcard.
  • Comfortable and versatile furniture would allow one to meditate, work on a laptop and have a drink – as a linear experience, without standing up, within 30 minutes.

More on environment


Global citizenship & tech

  • Products would not be organised by brand or other traditional criteria, irrelevant to laymen. Instead, the organisation would be intuitive: smooth – to – harsh.
  • Membership would be global. Members of foreign branches would have a temporary discount of 20% to encourage people to visit branches abroad and strengthen the spirit of a global community.
  • RFID enabled, membership tokens would help the lounge app keep track of products consumed and books opened. The tokens would also enable contactless payment.
  • Members would be able to buy bottles of product on the spot or single-click order them in-app for express home delivery.

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