Wellness Vodka – Selling Hard Liquor to Millennials 

  • Wellbeing – a sense of mental and physical comfort – is a trending international consumer need, especially sought by the millennials.
  • In that experience, alcohol would play a supportive role of a facilitator. It’s not about drinking vodka, but the state of mind that drinking the “right” product calls into being; in the right environment.


The Environment

Spacious, well lit (ideally naturally), supported by relaxing quiet music. Ideally full of fresh air – with open windows.

Avoiding clichés; for example, eastern European references and loud partying for vodka.

Opting for light, modernity, luxury of well-engineered fixtures and, above all, practicality.

The space would have no bar in the traditional sense, but cabinets featuring product alongside walls and a table/sink in the centre that hosts would use to prepare drinks.

Key to the space would be a library of about a thousand paperback books. Classical and modern, international, in a variety of languages to stress the concept’s cosmopolitan DNA and accommodate guests from across the network. No contemporary magazines, only books – the environment is not about fast pace and latest news.

Consumers would be able to request books to be added to the library of any branch on the network. That way, before travelling to Rome for business, one could request a volume of The Unconsoled (in English) to be added to the Rome branch library – for a relaxing evening.

Access to the lounge would be granted to members only. The membership would be free, but require registration of contact details and a bankcard.

Members would be offered furniture designed for relaxation, reading, meditation or work (quietly – no calls allowed); and enjoying a drink.

The space is about clearing one’s head and finding oneself – with free meditation courses (e.g. Headspace) available through Wi-Fi.

Comfortable and versatile furniture would allow one to meditate, work on a laptop and have a drink – as a linear experience, without standing up, within 30 minutes.

The space would serve appropriate spirits, relevant cocktails, locally sourced mineral water and a small selection of products that work well with neat drinks (e.g. tea and light nibbles).



Wellness Vodka – Global Citizenship & Tech

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