Between health­ conscious millennials and individualistic Gen Z, who prioritise being true to themselves over traditional group bonding rituals, global alcohol consumption is steadily declining.

Alcohol’s place at the party is no longer guaranteed, and brands are having to redefine the unique qualities they bring to the table.

”Marketing Alcohol to Moderate Millennials”, Stylus, 1 Nov 2016


“Enabling time and effort to truly focus on something is the real luxury.”

Jonathan Newhouse, CEO, Condé Nast International quoted in “Mindful Luxury”, Stylus, 21 Apr 2017


It’s all about wellbeing

Wellbeing – a sense of mental and physical comfort – is a trending international consumer need, especially sought by the millennials.

Making hard liquor attractive to the millennial consumer could be rooted in the promotion of a spirit of calm comfort, relaxation, emotional and intellectual self-discovery. In a hectic world that constantly demands attention, our brand (space) would offer peace of mind, “me” time.

In that experience, alcohol would play a supportive role of a facilitator. It’s not about drinking vodka, but the state of mind that drinking the “right” product calls into being; in the right environment. 



Wellness Vodka – The Environment

Wellness Vodka – Global Citizenship & Tech

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