In most cases, getting to and from a major airport is a game of compromise – we can choose between the speed of an express train or the comfort of a hired drive.

  • The train typically gets you into the city centre much faster and may offer business class seating for increased comfort, but if one travels with a lot of luggage or is new to the city – It doesn’t provide the best service as no-one greets you at arrivals, helps you with the bags or offers directions. Also, once you get to the city, you need to drag your bags to a cab rack, which can turn into quite an ordeal.
  • A hired driver, on the other hand, offers a much more comfortable experience with your luggage handled to your doorstep. What a car often lacks – is speed. Due to traffic, a journey from a major national airport to the city centre can easily take 3-4 times as long as a train ride. In addition to that, as traffic is unpredictable, those who take cars need to allow a buffer of several hours before arranging meetings on the day of arrival.

What if we combined the speed of the train express with the comfort of the airport-to-doorstep limo experience?

The train express company could manage the whole process:

  1. A smartly dressed agent would meet travellers at arrivals
  2. He (or she) would assist with the luggage and get travellers into reserved business class seats on the next train to town.
  3. Once the client is aboard the train, the agent would drop a note to his colleague at the train station in the city
  4. The airport-side agent’s job is now over.
  1. Once the travellers arrive at their destination in the city centre, another agent comes on board to take their luggage
  2. The city-side agent would direct passengers to a car that would take them to their final destination.


  • From the moment of arrival to the moment of getting home (to a hotel) the traveller shouldn’t have to touch his luggage and would continuously move with optimal speed and comfort.
  • The traveller would be able to order the experience through the airport or airline apps or online.
  • The payment would be taken through a registered card, PayPal or loyalty program, so travellers to foreign countries don’t need to bother with withdrawing cash or worrying about airport exchange rates.

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