So, you have a concept; big deal. Did Michelangelo stop at saying “…and in the middle, there will be God, bringing Adam to life”? Did Bell go: “I see people talking to each other remotely; well, good luck making it happen…”? Understanding what needs to be done and why is key. All that is left now is to actually do it. And unless you invent something truly revolutionary like a mind reader or, say, teleportation, your work will be judged by details.

It needs to be well thought out, it needs to anticipate beyond the obvious. Both can be equally applied to a new logo, a brand portfolio or a jet engine. Our work isn’t really tested on calm seas; one day it turns out the logo needs to work as a hologram, a family brand needs to extend into adult entertainment and a jet engine needs to be made from a different alloy.

Those are the times when legends are made and customers are won for life. When your customers realise that you took their challenge and turned it into your Sistine Chapel – thinking of every detail, anticipating every stroke of light. Where do you stop? Just imagine you do it for someone you love – your partner, your parent, a friend – it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t love anyone, doing something really well will be more challenging. You don’t need to love the task – it is your job; you don’t need to love the client – he is paying you to do the job. At the end of the day, you only need to love yourself, because that’s who you really work for. Do a good job and you will get paid; do an astonishing one – and you will build a reputation.

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