What difference does it make if the walls are white, off-white or beige if the house has no base? So why get caught up in details? Think big; ask fundamental questions: why do we need the product? How is it better than its predecessor or substitute? How would it make lives better? Why should people care? Why are your answers still dissatisfying?

Do not rush into sketching design ideas/drafting positioning statements/building walls – first come the questions. Some say that too much knowledge kills creativity, but if that pretentious bollocks has any meaning (of which we are doubtful) – it certainly doesn’t apply to a business environment. Learn the hell out of the subject and don’t assume you know it all because you have been doing something similar for years. Learn about the challenge, look at the best current solutions and understand why they are considered the best. If you know people worth talking to – have a brainstorm. Do not talk to mates looking for sympathy or ideas to cut corners, try not to get pissed, screaming “Victory or Death” before passing out – unless it is your clan’s motto or you have helped Washington cross the Delaware it is neither cool nor helpful.

Once you know the subject well (and provided the brief is clear) – getting a groundbreaking idea will be so much easier. It will still require a jolt of inspiration, but without the groundwork that jolt would be wasted on something superfluous.

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