So Musée d’Orsay threatens to sue Etam for the lingerie stunt. In case you have missed the news: a week ago, on 9 January, the lingerie manufacturer organised a flash mob with three models, who strolled/ran through the legendary museum wearing nothing but the production of the proud sponsor. The models were rather appealing, the video, quite naturally, went viral (hot models in underwear usually attract a fair amount of attention), the reaction of the museum’s president, Guy Cogeval, will just prolong the effect.



It is fairly easy to make headlines with naked models. Femen, for instance, uses the concept to support (protest against) various political initiatives. It can occasionally backfire, but it is dead certain to make the news for days if not weeks to come. While I wholeheartedly support the general idea, I find it annoyingly disappointing that although many of the flash mobs of late certainly seem newsworthy, few brands do something decent with the video footage.

German lingerie label Blush did more than letting a few half naked models shyly giggle into the camera. Shooting the video at a more scandalous location would have made more noise (and thus, money), but the quality of the ad deserves passionate applauds. Next time, shoot in Kremlin.



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