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iPhone 5 is officially the most desired mobile device ever

In times when everyone is wondering whether Apple will continue to grow at record pace without the guiding hand of its legendary ex-CEO, the prediction of RBC’s financial analyst Mike Abramsky came quite handy. Based upon a new survey RBC Capital conducted in collaboration with the ChangeWave Research Alliance, the yet to be released iPhone 5 is already off to a very good start.


31 percent of participants in the survey are ‘very likely’ or ‘somewhat likely’ to buy the gadget, a substantial jump from the 25 percent that were eagerly awaiting the iPhone 4 prior to its launch in 2010. Leaving a larger gap between iterations allowed Apple to offer the new device to its existing users just about when the contract on the previous model runs out, bringing peace and prosperity to the product cycle. Whilst the current users will not have to decide whether to buy the expensive devise without a contract or (God forbid) get the latest toy from the competition when their contracts run out, the (free) media frenzy lures fresh souls yet to be seduced by the hype. With 66% of existing customers ‘very likely’ or ‘somewhat likely’ to swap the positively geriatric iPhone 4 for the even slimmer fifth generation model, the immediate outlook for Apple indeed looks very bright.

Based upon the responses of a relatively modest 2,200 consumers, Mr Abramsky has rather bravely raised the revenue estimates of Apple for the next three years to reach $167 billion in 2013.

Image courtesy of Digital Trends
Image courtesy of Digital Trends

So, what am I going to swap my old-school iPhone 4 for next month? With an A5 processor borrowed from the iPad 2 (may be even dual-core), a rumored 8-megapixel camera and even higher-definition video recording capability, the new generation promises to be much faster and even more entertaining. The thin “teardrop” shape will hopefully be less slippery and the “unbreakable glass” at least a little stronger. No-one seems to mention improvements to battery-life but these earthly trifles don’t really matter – the iPhone 5 will still be the most successful mobile phone ever produced – at least until iPhone 6 is released.


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