In time I have spent in the museum I have learned a lot. I found out that sharks appeared on Earth way before dinosaurs and have no skeleton; that “a dinosaur”- is not just a word but a term and not all huge prehistoric pangolins were dinosaurs; that out of 4800 kinds of mammals on Earth, 1000 are bats; that octopi can be 9 meters long and weight up to 270 kilograms; that Black Widow, being less than a centimeter in size, contains enough poison to kill 20,000 mice and green anaconda can eat a jaguar.

Working in a research centre can hardly be compared to working in a branding agency. In a minimal amount of time your head gets stuffed with hundreds of absolutely random facts. It is rather amusing. Before, my lounge monologues were all about what country we need to bomb. Now, approaching a lady, I carelessly drop something like “did you know that some lizards have two phalli?” And if the answer is not “clearly”, the conversation will not be dull.

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