A while ago, I have spent some time doing marketing and communications for a very large museum. Apart from the ridiculously beautiful public-facing side, the museum was home to a world famous research facility. Both organizations were (and still are) public. Meaning that the museum never had to make any money. Each year there were rumors about budget cuts and redundancies but people who were used to the slow waters of the pond would not believe. Some of them were remarkably smart and, thus, constantly terrified. Some others- hopelessly dumb and, quite naturally, completely sure they make the world go round. Unsurprisingly, the higher up one went the fewer smart ones one met. I guess, it is pretty much the same in all public companies, at least in the Old World. Seems a bit odd to publish these notes now, but what the hell? I have been sitting on them long enough.

Working in a museum was fun. Any of my suggestions was faced with an approving hum. From market segmentation to buying new mugs. The hallways were filled with shaggy creatures in sandals that saw the dawn of the cold war. Bought myself a roaring lion t-shirt and a mug- making myself at home. Our security would make Pentagon blush. Every door has a cool electronic lock on it. Unfortunately, there are no spare keycards. Security haven’t had them for a month or so and do not expect any for another one. Decided to use the card I found in the office.

The smoking area is in the inner yard, right next to the garbage bins. By ten it becomes the assembly point for the local skeptics. My first chat was somewhat brief:

– Hi, how is it going?

– Well, the director is a c**t…

Fortunately, the corporate spirit is in the purview of Internal Comms- good luck to them. Been to a staff meeting, saw the director. Very apt description. Unmistakably, a c**t.

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